V Senses

Location: Imerovigli, Santorini

Date: 2020

Location Address: Santorini, Greece

Status: Completed Works

Five Senses Restaurant is located in a spacious Cycladic terrace set inside Astra suites, one of the most famous and luxurious hotels of Santorini.

The restaurant is strategically located on the dynamic Caldera’s cliffs, right in front of the real ‘protagonist’ of the island: the Volcano of Nea Kameni. Besides that, a huge and ancient rock named ‘Skaros’ making a difference, lies forward the restaurant and flows into the inky black Aegean Sea.
Five Senses restaurant welcomes guests from all over the world, not only for its special cuisine, but also for the amazing opportunity to admire the special landscape and the colorful lights created by one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the planet.
The restaurant was completely renovated in 2020 by Oikos Tsebelis Architecture, maintaining and developing the traditional Greek Cycladic Architectural style, respecting at the same time the nature and the needs of the Modern Age with passion, quality, ability and determination.
Our brand new project had a very particular goal: to renovate and relaunch this open air terrace, decorating it with particular boho furniture. Everything is referred to the ambience around, which mainly characterized the island as the Volcano and the dynamic landscape’s shades.
Entering the restaurant one can hear the soft and pleasant sound of the overhead waterfall. Moving on through the open air terrace, ornamental tables and chairs are accurately organized, while during the night are enlightened by suspended lanterns.
On the left side one can spot a small room surrounded by volcanic black stones and clear windows, created as a wine cellar, which contains a huge variety of typical and well-known wines. This is the reason why the windows are isothermical, in order to maintain the right temperature for the wine conservation.
Each and every detail is strategically placed according to the architectural and design methods, following an accurate thematic scheme.
Five Senses of Astra Suites is the ideal place where one can fully enjoy the calming aura emitted by all the elements that composed it.