Pyrgos House

Location: Santorini, Greece

Date: 1998

Location Address: Pyrgos

Status: Completed Works

Pyrgos House is a large family house, located at the north side of Pyrgos village, in the center of Santorini.

Pyrgos House is a project for a large family who lives permanently on the island. The majority of the house lays on the ground floor. On the east side there is a large kitchen with a dining room, in the middle there is instead a large living room. The private are is on the West ground floor, it includes two bedrooms and their common bathroom and the staircase for the upper floor. On the upper floor there is the master bedroom with its own private bathroom.
The garden is decorated with Cycladic dry stone benches. The tradition imprinting does not stay only in the outdoors and in the facades. The interior is also shaped reflecting the island’s architectural forms, which hosts modern amenities or they keep their original functionality. Oikos architecture has mastered the use of traditional construction mixed with modern amenities and Pyrgos House is an example.