Mykonos villa

Location: Mykonos Cyclades

Date: 2018

Location Address: Mykonos Greece

Status: Works in progress

Inspired by the forms and shapes of the Cycladic architecture, more specifically the distinctive structures found in Mykonos island, the design concept intends to include traditional elements by transcribing them into a modern version of spatial arrangement and minimalistic design.

Taking into account the importance of the location, that is currently undermined due to the lack of visual and aesthetic continuity,
as well as, having evaluated the special characteristics of the surrounding landscape and the stimulating view, the architectural proposal aims at setting the formidable scenery, in order to give prominence to the subsequent integrated design of the main residential establishment, attributing, thus, an emblematic character.
Through this perspective, the outdoor spaces are rearranged into a multi-leveled layout, leading gradually to the main venue of the villa, that is, henceforth, centered.
This gesture is deliberate, yet symbolic; the design purpose is, on the one hand, to restore the balance, as far as the spatial correlation between the built environ-ment and the site is concerned, on the other hand, to revive the prestige and luxury,
corresponding to the area and the residence itself.

Borrowing the form of graded facades, found notably in local religious buildings, the layout, as well as, vertical structures and spatial interventions of the proposal is directed towards orchestrating relative variations. Embodying the traditional building techniques, structural forms and textures, yet, combining them with a contemporary architectural approach, the main design intention is to present cozy and welcoming spaces, providing an overall feeling of comfort and luxury.
Stones, forged cement, wood and pebbles, as prevailing structural elements, not only in Mykonos, but in the majority of Greek islands, are deliberately chosen, to perform, in practice, the transition from tradition to modernity.