Captain’s Canava

Location: Santorini, Greece

Date: 2018

Location Address: Pyrgos

Status: Completed Works

The Captain’s Canava, located right in the heart of Pyrgos in Santorini, it is a unique house which reflects, in its form, the lush experiences of its owner.

The Captain’s Canava is located in the heart of Pyrgos, a southern village of Santorini.
Although its narrow dimensions, only 35m2, The Captain’s Canava is a unique building with two openings, in the front and in the back of the cave.

The renovation of the house well preserved its original plan arrangement.
The cave consists of a small kitchen area opening on the master bedroom/living area with its traditional in-built double bed and on the side, the entrance of the bath.
The bath was subjected to the most intense renovation as it was originally used as a traditional water tank.
The aim was to give a sense of Home living while keeping the walls carved by the water, adding the modern infrastructure for the bath.
This small cave house is part of a larger complex of buildings which develop around it.
This influenced the interior design of the cave which aims to give a hint of freshness while harmoniously following the aesthetics of the whole house.
The use of white color dominates the interior surfaces, helping to light up and expand aesthetically the small spaces. A composition of mirrors was added on one side of the master bedroom, offering a fragmentary depth enriched by a decoration created by old dark wooden furniture, bronze and copper ornaments and functional objects belonged to the owner and representing memories of his past travels.
The floor tiles and bed and sofa textiles, characterized by retro patterns and wooden color palette, are the connection in between all the different elements in the cave.
A renovation not only for the little canava, but also for the memories of its owner.

Photography by Konstantinos Voulgarakis