Astra Villa

Location: Santorini, Greece

Date: 2016 – 2018

Location Address: Imerovigli

Status: Completed Works

Astra Villa manages to maintain its unique character while covering the needs of a modern tourist accommodation. Its color and shape mirror the silhouette of the volcano and of the sunset.

Astra Villa is a tourist mansion located on the edge of the Caldera, on the west side of Imerovigli, facing the famous Santorini’s sunset and the village of Oia. Also, its panorama includes the famous and unique volcanic landscape.
Its rooftop serves as a big entrance yard from above. Through a spiral staircase the visitor enters the house below. It consists of two master bedrooms with their own bathrooms, one living room and one kitchen. Outside, at the same level, there is the main porch with an outdoor Jacuzzi and a small swimming pool, facing the Caldera. The spiral staircase continues one more level below, assigned to the accommodation for the service staff and storage rooms.
Beside the uniqueness of the spiral staircase, the inside walls hosts fluid and curved shapes inspired by the magma falling into the sea. The earth color palette and the lighting recalls the sunset and the clear Aegean night sky.
Oikos architecture creates a balanced contrast in between the harmony of the building and the extreme landscape.

Photography by Giorgos Drazos