Oikos Architecture

Oikos was founded in 1986 by Nikos Tsebelis . Frantseska Tsebelis (daughter of Nikos) joined him in 2001 after her studies.
Our work is aimed at maintaining and developing further the traditional Greek Cycladic Architectural style, respecting at the same time the nature and needs of the Modern Age. We’re also incorporating modern elements using natural materials, contemporary techniques and multi-cultural ideas. Giving emphasis both to exterior and interior design, a variety of forms and shapes are used to create a unique synthesis that best combines with the natural environment.

Frantseska Tsebelis

Frantseska studied interior designer at the Art Institute of Sicily, Italy and European Interior Design in Rome. She also completes a 4-year course as Master carpenter.
She is particularly known for the use of reinforced concrete in her design and the combination of traditional and modern forms.
While the majority of the buildings she designed are in Greece, Frantseska has the talent to collect the influences from traveling around the globe and putting them together inside her work. In addition, she is widely recognized for her synthetic talent and the blending Greek architectural styles, as well as her exquisite coloring sensibility.
Her works have the contrast of simple masses and planes with the play of lights, natural elements, emphasizing tradition, functionality strength and beauty.

Nikos Tsebelis

Nikos studied Architecture at the University of Palermo in Sicily, Italy. He then returns in Athens where he began his career as an architect in one of the most famous architectural office of the city.
In 1986, Nikos traveled to Santorini, became mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty and energy of the island. Since then, he founded Oikos and has been practicing architecture in Santorini. He builds and create many of the island’s magnificent hotels- villa- suites- houses…
Nikos has been Frantseska mentor and trainer for many years, teaching her the administrative aspects of any construction project (town planning laws & regulation, budgeting, preparation of documents for building permit, etc..).