Zannos Melathron

Location: Santorini, Greece

Date: 1999

Location Address: Kasteli, Pyrgos

Status: Completed Works

Zannos Melathron is a unique, for Cycladic landscape, renovation which transforms an old mansion into a hotel. Benefited with beautiful views across the island of Santorini and a mysterious aura that has remained unspoiled through the centuries by keeping its evocative atmosphere alive. The noble grandeur of the 18th century has been captured in an eclectic way that reflects its precious legacy without sacrificing the trends of the 21st century, thus creating a distinct appearance while it is in touch with tradition and authenticity.

Zannos Melathron, as a project is characterized by its rich history. Primarily build in the year 1870, as a gift to newlyweds Eroulia Zannos and Nikolaos Sorotos by Michael Zannos. Zannos a rich ship-owner and wine aficionado, lived in Pyrgos village with his family, although he often was traveling to Russia exporting the traditional wine of Santorini, Vinsanto, making it famous around the world. Following its time is a neoclassic residence with murals by a very famous painter of that period inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The residence is located at the entrance of the medieval fort, Kasteli, which was also the home village of rich landowners and scholars of that period.
Zannos Melathron, manages to fit the needs of a modern tourism accommodation, while keeps its prime form and aesthetic. In the same project, the visitor is in touch with different aesthetics. Melathron is a rare and distinct building, being almost a solely representation of neoclassic architecture among the characteristic Cycladic forms. Nevertheless, it’s also embodying, the organic, fluid and minimal shapes of local architecture. And finally manages to fit more primitive archetypes of dry stone walls for spaces which hosts services like saunas and wine cellar.

The neoclassical façade and plans influence the interior and makes a unique mix with Cycladic traditional architecture elements. The modern amenities, make lean appearance and their impact is minimal, but is there. Oikos Architecture had the chance to accomplish a result which respects the local history and landscape while at the same is a distinct building not only for Santorini island but also among the office’s projects.