Small Architects Houses

Location: Santorini, Greece

Date: 2015

Location Address: Pyrgos

Status: Completed Works

Climbed on the hill of one of the most beautiful villages in Santorini, Pyrgos village, it stands the Architects small house, a private villa that boasts luxury and elegance, while respecting the local architecture and the traditional feeling.

The house is located at the traditional settlement Pyrgos of Thira, at Santorini. Pyrgos is located at the highest point of the island, with panoramic views of the whole Santorini till the northern village of the island, Oia. It is a typical fortress settlement of the Cyclades. Following its traditional architecture, remains of the neoclassical mansions narrow winding paths leading up the hill site, small white houses, galleries, vineyards, churches and breathtaking sunsets. The small Architects House, built in respect with the local architecture, is a true gem of history meets modern style.

The small Architect’s House is a tasteful split level private villa with its ground floor being partially into the volcanic soil, like the well-known cave houses, while the upper level is offering its guests a magical panoramic view of the island and the caldera from above!

Blending traditional features with modern furnishings, the house consists of a bedroom with a double bed and an en suite bathroom, a spacious living room with an extravagant dining table, a beautiful kitchen and either a terrace or a balcony on each level. The fa├žade and its openings has a southern west direction.

The decorating style is best pictured via the bold colored furniture used to stylish accommodate your stay while the white on the walls of the building adds peace to the already idyllic mood of the island. A seamless blend of traditional and authentic contemporary interior design, featuring bright colors that set the mood for the most cheerful holiday experience of your entire life.