Sloping House

Location: Santorini, Greece

Date: prior 2011

Location Address: Vourvoulos

Status: Completed Works

A two level mansion, placed in distance from the sea coast of Santorini’s island. Facing the north, is exposed at the Aegean Basin’s strong north winds, called Meltemi, Etesians in the antiquity.

While it follows the modern needs for a mansion, is aligned with the traditional Cycladic architecture. Its angled walls with their small openings are shaped to withstand, with comfort the strong winds.
The blend of curves with the pyramid arch, are referring to the balance between the harsh conditions of a volcanic landscape in the middle of an archipelago. Though these conditions are the basic parameter of Santorini’s beauty. A scenery which forces the façade to be clean and not add, unnecessary information to the viewer.
Inside this pure white building with its soft – organic curves and shapes, the private space is distinguished by bright and vibrant colors. It doesn’t matter if it is a whole bathroom or a couch, as it is a point for private moment it differentiates from, in color and shape from the rest of the building. In the same way the Oikos Architecture projects differentiate from their surrounding while they respect it, every time.