Location: Santorini, Greece

Date: 2018

Location Address: Thira

Status: Completed Works

When cosmopolitanism meets the Cycladic architecture, the result is the “Limestone” project from Oikos Architecture. A renovation of a house at Thira turned into a luxurious complex of 5 suites, themed from the 5 continents.

“Limestone” project is located in Fira, the central town of Santorini. Fira as the island’s commercial and tourist centre is a busy and cosmopolitan place. Additionally, the project exploits its viewpoints toward the unique volcanic environment of Caldera.
Structurally is a renovation of an old traditional house, turned into a luxurious five suites complex. In this context happened extensive changes. Considering the existing shell, the fidelity at the traditional architecture and the specific topic of design, the emphasis to the detail were the only way to keep these qualities together on the same project. Always honoring the traditional Cycladic way of building, is able to stand out from the cliché of the modern tourist accommodation.
The concept influenced from the five continents for its five individually suites, mentioning the cosmopolitan character of the modern Cycladic landscape. For every continent representation was made choices to express the most extreme differences. The intense natural environment of Amazonia for the America, the traditional patterns of Europe, the vivid Indian colours for Asia, the dessert pallet in Africa and finally strict white decoration for Antarctica.
The holistic design at every scale and aspect, as well the specific wanted result, required a design process in close contact and relation with the client. “Limestone” as one of the office’s latest work, is a prime example of our current design stream line, respecting the traditional constructing while keeping an endless quest for new forms and aesthetics.