Blue Canaves

Location: Santorini, Greece


Location Address: Oia

Status: Completed Works

Blue Canaves Oia: old Vinsanto canava renovated into a luxurious villa ideal for honeymoon or a romantic get-away in Santorini. The spectacular private courtyard spanning the famous caldera cliffs, glistening blue Aegean and infinite azure skies capture the imagination and awaken the soul. The interior residence, individually designed and defined by the ultimate in comfort. It consists of a sensual living room with double jacuzzi, fully equipped kitchen area, a romantic double bedroom and a glamorous bathroom.

Blue Canaves Villa served as a winery and cellar or “canava” for producing Vinsanto at the turn of the last century. The beautiful organic shape and proportions of the smooth walls, vaulted ceilings and arched openings tell the story of the house and how it was constructed by carving into the soft pumice stone earth of the village hills.
The living area gets warm and elegant touches from the presence of one handcrafted jacuzzi. Hand selected furniture and exquisitely arranged details complete the imposing living area which leads to the kitchen and bedroom.
The bedroom with the whitewashed interior, sleeping area is providing island warmth and grandeur. Simple yet luxurious, the bedroom provides optimum relaxation for genuine connoisseurs of luxury living. The kitchen with the smooth lines and bright colors is fully equipped with high quality appliances and utensils, ideal for preparing meals to enjoy them in the direct courtyard.
Bathroom is resplendent in harmonious hues of the Caldera and the sea of the Aegean. The interior of this curvy shower is glamorous and sparkling. Bold splashes of local art adorn the sculpted plaster walls.
Sensational private courtyard overlooking the Aegean Sea. Sun lounge offers picture perfect azure views straight to the caldera and volcano. Open-air dining area on the upper deck with built-in sofa and table for 3 persons, ideal to enjoy your wine with the amazing sky colors during the sunset.