Cave House

Location: Santorini, Greece

Date: 2000

Location Address: Oia

Status: Completed Works

The Architect’s Cave House is consisting of two tranquil, stylish, traditional suites. Both suites offer amazing view to the Caldera, the Aegean Sea and the world-famous sunset of Oia. As most residences in this charming, picturesque village, The Architect’s Cave House follows the unique architecture of Santorini.

The Architect’s Cave House is carved into the cliffside of Oia, at an altitude of about 121 metres, with breathtaking panoramic view of the caldera, the volcano and the Aegean Sea. The residential complex of Oia, on the north western side of the island northwest of Fira. Oia was the first one in Greece that was listed as an architectural monument and integrated into the Program for the Development of Traditional Hamlets.

Suites are freshly renovated and partially into the volcanic soil, like the well-known cave houses, both suites are ideal to house memorable experiences in one of the world’s most stunning sceneries. They are fully-equipped in order to provide a comfortable, relaxed and unforgettable living, by modern standards.

Each suite consists of an open plan bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom, a spacious living room, a sofa bed, a beautiful and intelligent functional kitchen. Each suite offers outside a private veranda including from one jacuzzi aligned with the already mentioned view.

The decorating style of these stunning suites is a seamless blend of traditional ambience style with a boho touch and authentic contemporary interior design, featuring gorgeous, brightly colored traditional furniture that set the mood for cheerful holidays
for guests and reveal the beauty of authentic Santorini.

Cycladic architecture meets bohemian chic.