Architects House

Location: Santorini, Greece

Date: 2005

Location Address: Oia

Status: Completed Works

When art meets architecture
Perched atop the stunning volcanic cliffs of Santorini, at the quaint Cycladic village of Oia with breathtaking panoramic views of the whole volcanic landscape, and the endless blue Aegean Archipelago.

The villa embodies a spacious patio crafted with respect in traditional architecture and combined with the needs and the elegant aesthetics of the artistic purposes, which will house.
Natural materials, warm inviting color palette with ancient Greek references, ornament the outdoors. Pure white indoors get a touch of multicultural design given by beautiful textures, fabrics and pieces of art from all over the world. Furniture of exceptional elegance with references to traditional elements (built-in beds and sofas) and antiques create a relaxing and sensational ambience ideal for people with vibrant and intense personality, who don’t comfort with plain and characterless spaces.
Besides when art meets architecture the result could be nothing less than a unique, exceptional and stunning effect with distinct personality that suit perfectly with the mystical character of Santorini.