Location: Santorini, Greece

Date: 2018

Location Address: Pyrgos

Status: Completed Works

Frantseska Tsebelis, the main designer of Oikos Architecture, in association with Sarah Fellos created the Agaze as a coffee shop, restaurant and meeting place for Pyrgos on Santorini island. Agaze as a renovation of an old coffee – bar building, tries to bring back the warmth atmosphere of home and genuineness Greek residence.

Agaze is located at the entrance of Pyrgos, old village of Santorini. From that place it greets the visitors, but also the permanent residents, with a feel of freshness while it keeps the island’s unique warmth.
While it kept the shape of the structure and its openings, the outdoors and indoors were reshaped. The whole decoration started from the scratch and included many refurbished furniture and appointments, keeping a strong connection with the past. The past is present not only as ornaments, but as chairs to sit, cabinets for storage or shelves to expose the local products which are for sale. The whole renovation is covered from an all-white color, everything else is characterized by intense and bright colors. Yellows, greens and blues cover the furniture and furnishing, differentiating themselves from the building, but also offer a joyful sensation for the visitors.
Agaze offers amenities to a wider and cosmopolitan audience of Santorini island as a global tourist destination. To this audience tries to expose not only itself, but the whole island through a cuisine filled from local tastes and quality products. At the same time Agaze addresses the need for a respite to those who live permanently. Specified from open areas as a meeting point and private spaces like the attic for a cozy talking.

Photos from Antonis Eleftherakis .