4 Seasons

Location: Santorini, Greece

Date: 2016

Location Address: Vourvoulos

Status: Completed Works

A reconstruction complex, dedicated to the four seasons. Four perfect movements in harmony with each other, aligned with the local axis of Caldera and a global one of a multicultural concept.

The complex of four villas is situated in a peaceful location at the village of Vourvoulos in Santorini. Vourvoulos is located 3.7 km north from Fira, 2.5 km east from Imerovigli, right in the center of the northern part of the island. It is amphitheatrically built facing the northeast and the east coast of the island. The original architecture of the village is a pure sample of the traditional Santorinian architecture.
The old complex of four houses was reconstructed and transformed, from the bearing structure, into a luxurious villas’ complex with private spacious patios and pools, fully harmonized with the natural environment and the beautiful view of the Aegean Sea. Every villa has two bedrooms with private bathroom and can accommodate up to 5 people. Architects main concept was to highlight the traditional island architecture and combined it with contemporary design, elegance and modern amenities in a total white scenery with the use of color to give a touch of uniqueness.
The design concept and the decoration style that is followed to the internal and external spaces is a journey through time, through the four seasons of the year. Each villa is inspired by the color palette of a season, the romantic spring, the vivid and fresh summer, the ethnic autumn and the contemporary winter. A mix of genres and trends, a combination of materials, multicultural journey. The traditional architecture combined with the principles of modern design, the graceful architecture of Cyclades completed with notes of the Arabia and East creating multidimensional spaces with distinct personality.
Particular attention has been given to landscaping with the use of flowers, plants and trees in order to continue the interior color palette to the outdoor spaces. The creation of a pool in every villa contributes to improve the quality of the final aesthetic result. The user’s contact with water, inevitably creates a sense of intimacy and psychological comfort that contribute to relaxation and tranquility.

Photography by Thanos Rivios .