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We are fully aware that our construction season is tough and time on time schedule. Wherein all of us – engineers, owners and staff – are working feverishly towards one and same goal, to have everything ready for the start of summer season, every year. In order therefore to avoid last minute renovation decisions causing problems in securing the cooperation of competent and well trained staff, and furthermore in order to avoid unnecessary delays in the completion of  any forthcoming projects, we would like to inform you that starting right from the very first days of every new year, our office will undertake to evaluate any expressed interest by our perspective clients on new projects that will be scheduled to start after the end of the year’s  summer season. We aim at continuously evolving and organizing the services that we offer to the utmost benefit and satisfaction of our clients. Bearing above in mind, our proposal to anyone who wishes to express interest by putting forward a new project is to complete within the coming year’s summer season the design part of the project, and to obtain the required licenses. An equally important part of the above process is organizing the necessary work-crews for individual projects, and making the appropriate project management and supervision arrangements in order to keep the work carried out in each project within its scheduled time frame.


Should you be interested in discussing with us your next project needs, please contact us by telephone or e-mail and we’ll be happy to oblige!

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